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Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
] [applause] our budget makes clear commitment to hurt and jim hoosiers who served our union and certifying veterans service officers. i have also set a goal in our administration to prepare contracts for veteran owned businesses. they have stepped forward for us and now it is our turn. [applause] finally, our budget puts taxpayers first. i believe government should only collect what it needs. it should return money to hard-working the hard-working taxpayers who earned it in the first place. [applause] that is why i am proposing that we lower income taxes by 10% across-the-board for every future over the next two years. hoosiers work hard and they labor in a tough economy. they save and invest and family and businesses and family farms. why wouldn't we want to let them keep more of what they earn? i know that there are some who say we must choose between meeting a priorities than letting them keep their dollars, but our budget clearly shows that we can do both. if funds are priorities and still maintains reserves well in excess what we need for unforeseen contingencies. let's be
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
encouraging in to kuwait. we saw the global presence put together by jim baker and george h. w. bush and the success in the engagement of it. but subsequent to that, we have seen a completely different scene. that is what i would describe as three alarmers and two alarmers. we about a dozen fires popping up here in different parts of the world within all of a sudden you have people who don't have the -- a lot of people in congress who don't have the previous reference have basically come to the conclusion that the world has changed and we can't afford nor do we have the public support for global open gaugement. -- engagement. when you talk to people back home and you say why do we give so much foreign aid? it is literally like saying, you know, you need to diet and lose a lot of weight and you get a haircut and solve the problem. the amount of foreign aid and presence now is shrinking to the point where it's relatively insignificant compared to it. but yet the will to support that going forward and even step out and say well we ought to be more engaged here or do more here or these a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2